Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Invitation

Boy Scout Troop 513

50th Anniversary Celebration

Saturday, May 17, 2008
Whiteville United Methodist Church
Fellowship Hall

All former and current Scouts and their families are invited
to attend the 50th Anniversary celebration.

Schedule of Events

3:00 - 5:00 p.m. Camp Setup (Fellowship Time)
5:00 - 6:30 p.m. Chow Time (Meal Time)
6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Court of Honor (Program)
8:00 p.m. - until ? Closing Campfire (Closing)

Cost = $10.00 a person (Joe’ s BBQ is catering)

Mementos Available for Purchase
Troop 513 patch with 50 year designation ($4.00)
Troop 513 t-shirt ($12.00)
DVD of First 50 Years ($10.00)

Note: All Reservations must be received by April 17, 2008.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Who was in the troop?

Here is an incomplete list of Scouts in Troop 513. Most of these are from 1958 until 1987. The remaining names will be added this week. (E) indicates an Eagle. (D) indicates deceased. If you are missing from this list or you know someone who is, please email

Richard Aydell
Tommy Anderson
Larry Arp
John Ashley
David Alridge
Chad Aldrige
David Bivens
Donald Bellamy
Woody Boykin
Rodney Bullard
Lee Barkley (D)
John Brown
John K. Burns Jr.
Greg Blackmon (E)
David Boswell
Mike Boswell
Roger Black
Frank Britton
Bill Brooks
Joe Burns
Jim Baldwin
W.C. Butler
Daniel “Buster” Bowden
Ricky Britt
Keith Beverly0
James E. Beasley
Blake Baker
Robert Barnes
Sammy Black
Robert Boone
Tim Brown
Jason Booth (E)
Corbett Booth (E)
David Bessent (D)
Gerald Cox
Jimmy Carver
Jason Caperton
Tom Crandel
John R. “Johnny” Cole (E)
Buster Carter
James Craver
Jerry Carroll
Brad Crowell (E)
Jeff Collins
Jay Collins
Vance Cutrell
Sammy Carter
Edward Collins
Jason Chenier
Brian Capps
Joe Cook
Edward Council
Greg Cribb
Brownie Cook (E)
David Carter
Jimmy Collier
Aziz Carrell
Trey Clark (E)
Chris Cook (E)
Michael Chepul (E)
David Cooper (E)
Brandon Clark (E)
Rich Crutchfield
Hubert Dutton
Mike Dew
Noel Dunivant (E)
Matt DesVergers
Mike Duncan
Chris Duncan
Phillip David
Robert Dew
Ben Deans (E)
Brandon Duncan
Phillip Duncan (E)
John Duncan
Jim Day
David Dimitrious
Stephen Dimitrious
Marion Elliott (E)
Lewis Eddings
Stormy Estes
Jay Evans (E)
Don Evans
Markus Elliott (E)
Clay Edmonds
Michael Elliott (D)
David Eplee (E) (D)
Eugene Eplee (E)
Chris Etheridge
Stormy Estes
Richard Edwards
Brian Etheridge
John Ezzell
Patrick Edwards
Matt Edwards (E)
Jerry Formyduval
Bob Floyd (E)
Kevin Fisher (D)
David Fort (E)
Marvin Faison
David Fort (E)
Tommy Goins
Brett Gurkin
Sidney Gibson
Tony Gore
Stuart Greer
Buddy Gundiff
Charles Goins
Calvin Goins
Bill Griffin
Brett Goulding (E)
Jon Graham
Michael Graham
David Graham
Henry Grimsley
Charles Guiton
Charles Gore
John Gore
Ben Gilliam
Robin Gurgainus
Chris Greer (E)
C.L. Gore
David Goldston (E)
Coke Gray (E)
Coke Gray Jr. (E)
Bowman Gray
Billy Gibson
Vick Gibson
Leigh Gerald
Michael Gilliland
Wes Gray (E)
Jay Hill (E)
Jess Hill
Kenneth Hightower
Vance Harritan
Mark Harritan
Jay Hackney (E)
Phillip Hooks
Charles Holden
Mike Herring
Roy Herring
Lee Herring
Terry Harrelson
Richard Horton
Charles Hickman
Sammy Hinson (E)
Steve Hinson (E) (D)
Matt Hinson (E)
Dempsey Herring (D)
Victor Harrelson
Terry Hooks
Daniel Horne (E)
Bryant Hedrick
Ben Hege
Glenn Holden
Jerome Honeycutt (E)
Greg Hughes (E)
Holt Humphreys
Lee Hinnant (E)
Porter Hardee
Shane Hinson
Michael Hammond
David Hammond
Bryant Hedrick
Jason Holmes
William Hardie (E)
Joeseph Hooks (E)
Ian Hooks (E)
Alfred Inman
Eric Inman
Charlie Lytle (E)
Eric (Jones) Lytle (E)
James Johnson
Billy King
Craven Kinlaw
Brian Koenig
Jeff Koenig
Dana Kenyon
Chris Kelley
Eric Lanier
Chuck Langston
Jaime Lairmore
Jonathan Lyons
John Lanier
Kevin Lambeth
Tyler Lambeth
Gordy Lewis
Heath Little
Samuel Leder (E)
Robert Leder (E)
Kerry Lord
Kelly Lord
Junius Lee III (E)
Robert “Robbie” Lee (E)
Kenneth Lee (E)
Barry Love
Dean (Longshore) Bowen
Ricky (Longshore) Bowen (D)
Jonathan Lanehart (E)
Aaron Mitchell
Mark Mastern
Jeffrey McIntosh
Ryan McPherson
Kenny Moss
David McCaw
John Munroe
Andy McPherson
Jim McGougan
Jim Moore
Rolfe Martin
Jim McNeill (E)
Sandy McNeill (E)
Ronnie McNeill (E)
George McNeill (E)
Robert McNeill (E)
Robert Monds
Jim Moore (E)
Terry Miller
Charles Matheson
Eddie Mottinger
Dallas McKeel
John Muir
James McDowell
John McDowell
Jeff McCaskill
Arthur Maultsby (E)
Billy Maultsby (E)
Simms Memory
Tim Memory
John Morris
Ryan Morris
Chris McDonald
Montoya Moore
Gentry Millican
Jesse McPherson (E)
Chris McDonald (E)
Kenny Nance
Grey (Gary) Newsome
Ricky Norris
Alex Newell
Mark Nicholson (E)
Brian Nicholson (E)
Bobby Pleasant
Doug Palmer
Walter Powell (E)
Coburn Powell (E)
Tommy Palmer
Benjamin Palmer
Ralph Powell
Ben Powell (E)
Grayson Powell (E)
Lionel Prince
Julian Parks
Donny Peacock
Phillip Penny
S.E. Pridgen
Eric Pridgen
Morris Pridgen Jr.
David Paschal
Jonathan Paschal (E)
Chris Plasky (E)
Cass Prince
Patrick Prince
Walter Palmer (E)
James Palmer (E)
Mike Rayle
Travis Rayle
Charles Rogers
Tommy Rogers
William Robbins
Charles Ripple
Jay Ray
Sam Royal
Charles Ray (D)
Fuller Royal (E)
Douglas Richardson
Matt Rabon (E)
Ben Rabon (E)
Josh Rabon (E)
Emmanuel Rooks
Bill Sessoms (E)
Scotty Simmons
Scott Stancil (E)
Chris Smith
Will Scott
Harvey Sutton
Jay Stanley
Andy Suggs
Brandon Suggs (E)
Martin Smith
Greg Sasser
Rossie Saunders (E) (D)
Walter Saunders (E)
Steve Small
Mike Shaw
Mike Spivey
Edward Shearin (E)
Bobby Shearin (E)
Calvin Shearin (E)
Hamp Stephens
Bill Smith (E)
Ed Smith (E)
Bob Smith (E)
Randy Stephens
Steve Spivey
Anthony Stephens
Dan Singletary
Marty Schulken (E)
Byron Schulken (E)
Greg Sessions
Jeff Shuping (E) (D)
George Shuping (E)
Kemp Shuping (E)
John Shuping (E)
Randolph Straughan
Bryan Shelburne (E)
Johnny Sellers (E)
Kevin Stroud
John Stoll
Jonathon Strickland
Jeremy Sessoms
John Sherbert
Jason Schrader (E)
Mark Schrader (E)
James Tippett
David Thompson
Billy Turner
John Todd
David Thomas
Peter Todd
Charles Turbeville
Eddie Turbeville
Patrick Tyson
J.E. Thompson (E)
Will Thompson (E)
Phillip Tarte
McLean Thompson (E)
Matt Thomas
Rickey Thomas
Alan Thomas
Matt Smith
Willie Uttke
Rickey Valentine
Byron Wyche
Ralph Wheeler
Brad Walker
Mike Ward
Robert Wagoner
Josh Wyatt
Link Washam (E)
Randy Ward (E)
Gary Weaver (E)
Tommy Whitehead (D)
Jack Ward
John Worthington
Greg Williams (E)
Linwood Walton (E)
David Worthington
Greg Worthington
Forrest Williamson (E)
Tommy Wilson (E)
Robert White (E)
Ricky White (E)
Grayson White (D)
William Wood (E)
Lawrence White
Chris White
Toby Wells
Ashe Wilson
Greg Ward
Greg Wood (E)
Jeffrey Willeford
Jason Wheatley
Brent Wheatley
Ryan Williamson (E)
Jenkins Williamson (E)
Trent Young
Ashley Young
Byron Young

Troop 513's 50th Anniversary

Troop 513 to celebrate 50 years in May
Whiteville United Methodist Church Boy Scout Troop 513 will observe its 50th anniversary on Saturday, May 17 beginning at 3 p.m. at the church with a time for renewing old acquaintances followed by a barbecue supper at 5 p.m. and a “court of honor” recognizing the 500-plus Scouts and their leaders.
A multimedia show covering the 50 years will be capped by a special campfire ceremony.
Scoutmaster Brent Hood is asking that all former Scouts, and the eight other surviving Scoutmasters (of the original 12) reserve that Saturday for the celebration.
Hood is also seeking the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of the former Scouts.
The cost is $10 per person and Scouts are encouraged to bring their families.
Hood is asking the Scouts to bring whatever Scouting memorabilia they have from their Scouting days for an exhibit.
For more information, contact Wendy Hood at 642-1855 or email her at